New course in Interactive Business Communication @ Miami University for Spring 2012

Miami University will be offering a new course in the Spring 2012 semester: ENG/IMS 407/507, Interactive Business Communication — taught by Jim Porter, Professor of English and Interactive Media Studies. The course will focus on this question, How are interactive technologies, social media, virtual workspaces, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, etc., changing business communication? (See “How are Interactive Technologies Changing Business Communication?”) Course participants will conduct research on this question, but will also produce business communication using interactive and digital technologies.

Participants will gain knowledge and practical experience with digital correspondence; personal marketing; social media communications (blogging, tweeting, facebooking); virtual meetings and conferences; online presentations; data visualization and visual reporting; writing in virtual teams and virtual work spaces; digital networking; proposal writing; and international, global, and cross-cultural communication. Participants will maintain a blog throughout the course and develop their own business communication eportfolio using interactive media.

The course starts on January 9 and ends on May 4. It will be taught fully online, using WordPress, Niikha (Miami University’s course management system), and a synchronous conferencing application (probably a web conferencing application like Adobe Connect). Mostly the class will be asynchronous, although there will be some required synchronous class meetings (scheduled for Wednesday evenings probably).

The course is dual-level — 407 for undergraduates, 507 for graduate students — and it is dual-listed in two departments (English, Interactive Media Studies). You may register for the course as an already admitted Miami student seeking a degree, but the course also welcomes nondegree students not currently enrolled at Miami University. (You will need to apply to the Graduate School as Continuing Nondegree Student.)

ENG/IMS 407 is an elective option in two undergraduate majors at Miami University — the BA in Professional Writing, and the proposed BA in Interactive Media Studies. ENG/IMS 507 is a required foundation course in the proposed new Graduate Certificate in Interactive Media Studies and may be applied toward that program (program approval pending).

Further details will be added to this WordPress site during the fall of 2011. If you have questions, contact Jim Porter, PhD, Professor of English and Interactive Media Studies, Miami University, at